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Bequia lies in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea and is an all year round destination with the most perfect of temperatures consistently averaging between 24C (75F) and 30C (86F) throughout the year. A ‘chilly’ evening in the Winter months (January to March) might see a low of around 22C (72F) and in the Summer months the temperature will occasionally reach 32C (90F). ‘Trade Winds’ bring cooling breezes for most of the year and the famous ‘Christmas Winds’ bring stronger breezes and livelier seas, perfect for the keen sailor.

The ‘dry’ season from December to May coincides with the ‘high’ season for visitors, with clear sunny skies, low humidity and minimal rainfall. The island is totally reliant on rain for its water, so the arrival of the “rainy” season in May/June is always a blessing. The warmer, summer months of May to November are a welcome mixture of occasional showers, sunshine and light breezes, with the isolated heavy downpour. Showers are usually short and mainly come in the night.

Bequia is far South in the hurricane belt, and although tropical storms will occasionally approach in the peak months of August to October, most disturbances either pass to the North or dissipate before they reach the Grenadine Island chain.

Please note the so called ‘rainy’ season is not a particularly reliable statement any more as the seasons have become mixed and variable. It can be showery in the ‘dry’ season and dry in the ‘rainy’ season. The weather forecast for our part of the Caribbean typically states, ‘Sunshine with a mix of cloud and occasional showers’ It does reflect the changing climate and weather patterns and seems to be accurate for most of the year. At least the forecaster can never get it wrong.

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The Dry Season

Bequia is a dry island (don’t worry, this relates to the water supply not to alcohol). There are no streams or springs on the island and we rely totally on the natural rainfall which we collect, filter and store in our large underground water tanks. Our ’Sky’ rainwater is some of the purest and unpolluted water in the world. We would ask that while you are at Tropical Hideaway you do not waste any water and help us conserve this precious resource.

Water temperature

The warm waters of the Caribbean Sea typically average around 30 degrees C in Summer with a very pleasant 27 degrees C in Winter. If the pristine clear waters of the Caribbean Sea are not to your liking you can enjoy the environmentally friendly, solar heated, Infinity Pool at Tropical Hideaway with daytime pool temperatures of around 33 degrees C in Summer and 29 degrees C in Winter. That’s an amazing 94 degrees F falling to a very inviting 84 degrees F in Winter.

The extra 3 degrees C created by our solar heating can make an enormous difference to your enjoyment of the Infinity Pool and allows our pool to be comfortably used at all times of the year.

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