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Barbados is the main International airport for the area, with possible alternatives being St Lucia and Grenada. Our own International airport on St Vincent will also offer an excellent alternative after it opens. (See link below)

SVG airlines provide a convenient and daily flight from Barbados to Bequia that connects with most international flights arriving into Barbados. This allows you the convenience of arriving into Bequia on the same day, without having to overnight in Barbados or St Vincent.

Direct flights from the UK

British Airways Gatwick – Barbados daily
Virgin Atlantic Gatwick – Barbados daily
Virgin Atlantic Manchester – Barbados. Days vary
Thomas Cook Manchester – Barbados. Sundays only. High season only
Thomson Holidays Gatwick – Barbados Sundays only. November – April only

Direct flights from the US

American Airlines Miami – Barbados daily
American Airlines Charlotte – Barbados
Jet Blue New York (JFK) – Barbados daily
Jet Blue Boston – Barbados
Jet Blue Fort Lauderdale – Barbados
Jet Blue Los Angeles – Barbados (Although not a direct flight Los Angeles can now connect with the Fort Lauderdale or New York flight to Barbados)
Delta Atlanta – Barbados weekly

Direct flights from Canada

Air Canada Toronto – Barbados daily
Air Canada Montreal – Barbados Saturday & Sunday. December to March only
West Jet Toronto – Barbados daily

Direct flights from Germany

Condor Frankfurt – Barbados weekly

Direct flights from South America

GOL Airways Sao Paulo – Barbados Saturdays only
Avianca Bogota – Barbados

Airlines within the Caribbean

SVG airlines

SVG provide a convenient and daily flight from Barbados to Bequia that connects with most International flights arriving into Barbados. This allows you the convenience of arriving into Bequia on the same day, without having to overnight in Barbados or St Vincent. It does however come at a price and a Barbados to Bequia return ticket costs up to $520 US per person.

SVG Airlines are used to short connection times and will be waiting for you airside of the arrivals terminal. When you depart your arriving International flight the SVG check in desk is to the right before you enter the main arrivals hall. You do not need to pass through the arrivals hall and they will collect your luggage and expedite you through Barbados airport to the awaiting SVG flight. Please tie a yellow ribbon around your handle to ease identification for them. If your International flight is late SVG Air will wait as long as possible but please be aware that Bequia airport does not operate after dark so the SVG flight has to arrive and depart Bequia before dark. If your international flight is delayed, they may not have time to collect your luggage so it may be prudent to pack any essential items in your hand luggage. The delayed baggage will reach Bequia on the next flight. This does not happen often but it is better for SVG Air to transport you to Bequia and bring your luggage the next day rather than leave you stranded in Barbados due to your International flight being late.

Most people use SVG for their connecting flight as it does connect on the same day, but if you are planning on spending a few nights in Barbados or St Vincent before you arrive on Bequia it is worth considering the cheaper Liat option. The earlier you book with Liat the cheaper the flights are.

Liat Airlines

Liat is the largest carrier in the area with regular flights to many of the local Caribbean Islands. They offer a good service with competitive prices especially when booking several months in advance. They have regular connections from Barbados to St Vincent but unfortunately arrive to late for you to catch the last ferry service from St Vincent to Bequia. This means you will probably have to overnight either in Barbados or St Vincent if you wish to take advantage of their cheaper fares.

SVG and Liat option

You can catch a Liat Airline flight from Barbados into St Vincent and take the 60 minute ferry over to Bequia but you will have to overnight in Barbados or St Vincent to make the ferry connection from St Vincent to Bequia. A good compromise may be to use the more expensive SVG option to fly into Bequia and use the 1 hour ferry (Bequia to St Vincent) and the cheaper Liat flight (St Vincent to Barbados) when you fly back. You will have to weigh up the pros and cons of saving the extra money against the inconvenience of the ferry journey and the Liat flight. Most people end up using the more expensive SVG option because of the convenience it provides, but things may change soon as St Vincent gets it’s very own International airport. See the links below for the latest news.

Caribbean Airways

Based in Trinidad, this airline flies to several International destinations including Toronto, New York, Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. They also fly locally to Barbados, St Lucia and Grenada. They are worth considering if you can get a connecting Liat flight from Trinidad to St Vincent.

Other options

Although Barbados is the main hub for the area you can also try the International airports of St Lucia, Grenada and Trinidad. Most of the airlines above fly into these countries and you may be able to catch one of the local SVG Airline or Liat flights that connect with St Vincent. We have listed below two alternative departure cities from the US but have not listed other cities which are already shown above and fly direct into Barbados.

American Airlines Philadelphia – St Lucia with a Liat or SVG flight to St Vincent   
Caribbean Airlines Orlando to Trinidad with a Liat flight from Trinidad to St Vincent


Bequia to St Vincent Ferries (60 minute travel time)

There are 3 ferries operating on the Bequia to St Vincent to Bequia route. Admiral Ferry, Bequia Express and Jaden Sun fast ferry.
Week Days: Reliable times for the Admiral and Bequia Express ferries departing Bequia are 6.30am, 9.30am, 2pm and 4.30 pm
Saturday: Ferries depart Bequia at 6.30am, 9.15am and 4pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Ferries depart Bequia at 7am and 4pm only
The Jaden Sun operates a restricted service. Please see link below

St Vincent International AirportAirport-terminal-building

The International airport in St Vincent has been under construction for several years and is now nearing completion. We are hoping the airport will begin operations in 2017 but negotiating with International airlines when only a limited amount of people want to fly into the area is always going to be difficult and time consuming. Hopefully either BA or Virgin will fly from the UK with Jet Blue or American Airlines from the US even if it is only one or two flights a week.

Barbados Airport

Express Lane (far right hand lane in the arrivals hall)

If you have connection times of less than 3 hours you can use the far right express lane in the arrivals hall to expedite your trip through immigration. This greatly reduces the time and stress when connection times are tight, especially after an International flight has arrived and queues can be long.

Airlines Executive Lounge

There is an Executive Lounge at Barbados airport which is located after security and passport control between gates 12 and 13. We recommend you use this lounge if you have a few hours waiting time at the airport. The cost is $30 US each which gives you access to a very nice spacious lounge, free Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks including tea, coffee, soft drinks, spirits, wine and beers, a selection of sandwiches, fruit bowls, pastries, cakes and various other snacks. You can easily spend $30 US on Wi-Fi, food and beverages at the airport and we use the Executive Lounge ourselves whenever we travel through Barbados.

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Local Airlines

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Ferry Companies

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Hotels in St Vincent

Blue Lagoon Hotel. The hotel that we use
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