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Birthday Reviews

Wonderful Birthday!!!”

“We had the pleasure at staying at the tropical hideaway in the penthouse suite from November 15th through November 24th. There is so much to say, I don’t know where to start!!!! I had been speaking with Martin and Julie for a few months before we arrived. They couldn’t be any more helpful and informative. It was my birthday and we were so excited to go to Bequia! When we arrived, we were met by Julie at the airport and instantly we knew how warm and friendly she was. When we arrived at Tropical Hide- away, we were met by Martin and given the “grand” tour. The kitchen and refrigerator were stocked with sodas, beer, water, eggs, bread, lettuce, tomatoes, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, etc, and even a bottle of wine. As far as the penthouse, the bed was huge and comfortable and set up that you could close the doors and put on the A/C if needed. The bathroom took a bit to get used to since it has no doors… not a problem if it is just the two of you, but if you have company, a little awkward. The penthouse was immaculate and decorated beautifully. As far as the view, it was so spectacular! You felt like you were in a postcard! After they showed us around, they invited us for a drink by the pool where we chatted for over 2 hours. I felt like we knew them for years! The next day was my birthday, and we ventured out (rented Julie and Martin’s car) and went shopping. Doris’s is by far the best place to shop for groceries. Almost anything you want from the states can be found there. Knights is also okay, but I wouldn’t even waste my time there, just go to Doris’s. She is very helpful and nice and has frozen meats from the US, produce, etc… One stop shopping! When we returned back, we hit the pool…. Breathtaking!!!! The view looked fake… felt like we were frozen in time…. The pool is beautiful beyond belief and we really didn’t feel like we needed to leave for any reason! At about 3pm, there was a knock at my door. It was Julie and Martin delivering a gift from my son….. All baked breads from the Upper Crust Bakery with cinnamon rolls, breakfast meat, etc….. Hand delivered! It was beautiful, with a beautiful card, and then Julie said it was only part one and she would be back before we went out for dinner. What I didn’t know at that time was that my family was driving her crazy!! My sister had called her in advance to talk to her about a special birthday dinner and Julie took a lot of time with her. The morning of my birthday, my son called her and she organized everything he wanted! At 5 pm, the door bell rang again… enter Julie… with 2 bottles of wine and cheeses, Italian meats, etc!!! We had seen her at Doris’s that morning, but didn’t know she was there to pick up items for my son’s gift! Unbelievable! Who does that? This is not a hotel…. but you wouldn’t have known it.. They truly love what they do. During our stay, we didn’t do much. We ventured out 3 nights for dinner (Bagatelle’s, L’Auberge’s, and Frangipani’s…) The dinner at Bagatelle’s was okay (overpriced for quantity), L’Auberge’s very good, but out favorite was Frangipanis (pasta dishes excellent!) Julie and Martin also helped us organize renting a sailboat for the day and accepted our invitation to come along… They put us in touch with Hervay (sp????) who was a peach! So much fun (let us drive the boat, kept us out until sunset, just great all the way around!!) We sailed over to Mustique, had lunch at Basil’s bar (very good, great rum punch!), then took a taxi over to macaroni beach! What a beautiful beach and secluded… no one was there! We hit a rain storm on our way back, but the “captain” was great and Martin drove the boat while he navigated… Before you know it, we were through it, the skies cleared to the most magnificent sunset you can imagine! We broke out the cheese and crackers and had a little party… What a fun day! We invited Martin and Julie over for dinner one night with another couple we met that were on their honeymoon and had a fabulous time. The kitchen is well stocked and what we didn’t have, Martin and Julie brought with them. review-boxThey even let us borrow their lobster pot. The nicest thing was that even though the house belongs to Martin and Julie, they really hadn’t spent anytime in the penthouse. It was really fun having them there and the hours passed very quickly. Most days, we just hung by the pool… no reason to leave… We needed a relaxing vacation and that’s just what we got. If we ran out of anything like liquor, beer, wine, mixers, etc, Julie and Martin have actually starting selling it at the same price it would cost you in town, so there was no need to leave. If Julie was going into town, she would always let us know in case we wanted to go……. It was finally time for us to go home, very sad to leave, but I feel like we met extremely nice people and will see them again! I could go on and on about Tropical Hideaway and Martin and Julie but I would take up pages! It’s a fabulous place with fabulous staff and fabulous owners… nothing else needs to be said!!”

Maria, New Milford.


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