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Provisioning and Groceries

Bequia doesn’t have the sophistication of large shopping malls and huge supermarkets but what it lacks for in choice is more than made up with the freshness and taste of our locally grown fruits and vegetables. Whether eating out in a restaurant or preparing a meal in you room most things taste so much better here on Bequia with many items being sourced locally and organically grown using natural fertilisers.

Food Stores

There are two small supermarkets on Bequia and several food stores selling everything from fresh bread and cheese to breakfast cereals and milk. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available from the friendly vendors who have their stores and tables along the main street and for the experienced haggler you can venture into the Rasta vegetable market for a colourful and memorable shopping experience.

The stores are well stocked and several of the vendors will even crack open a fresh coconut and fill your water bottle with the freshest and purest coconut water you can buy anywhere. Absolutely beautiful and very healthy as well.

Several of the small restaurants also have an adjoining store selling everyday items like fresh bread, tinned produce and frozen goods.

Doris’s Fresh Food

Tel: 458 3625

Doris has a huge array of quality items and is very popular with our guests. Her supermarket just keeps going on and on and eventually leads into her freezer section. This is the kind of store that you ask for something and expect her not to have it but usually you will be proved wrong and she will point out a shelf somewhere where it can be found. Doris’s store is extremely well stocked but a little expensive so remember to take advantage of our “Special TH discount. Just tell her you are staying at Tropical Hideaway and if you are paying with cash she will take something off the bill. Doris’s is situated on back street (behind the Customs and Immigration building)

Doris’s fresh food store

Doris’s fresh food store

Inside Doris’s

Inside Doris’s


Knights Trading

Well stocked and the largest supermarket on Bequia. Prices are very good but don’t expect it to be like a supermarket back home. This is the main supermarket for most people. Situated on Back Street close to the Bank and Pharmacy.

Tel: 458 3218

Knights Supermarket (Little knights)

Situated on Front Street close to the gas station. Small supermarket with lots of items.

Tel: 458 3379


Situated on Front Street and selling a wide range of quality items including bread.

Pizza Hut

Situated on Front Street and selling baguettes as well as some very nice Pizza.

Maranne’s Ice cream

Not only is this a great place for a coffee and a slice of cake, Maranne also makes pots of natural yoghurt and her home made ice cream is excellent with several local flavours to choose from. Try the rum and raisin or the coconut ice cream. A great place to relax and watch the world pass you by. Located on the Belmont Walk-way

Tel: 458 3041

T & C fruit and vegetable store

This is one of the stores we buy our fruit and vegetable’s from. Say you’re staying with Martin and Julie at Tropical Hideaway and pay local prices, not tourist prices. Carly and Tilda run the store. Located on Front Street next to the Digicel office and the Pizza Hut.


This is another of the stores we buy our fruit and vegetable’s from. Just tell Asher or Bastian you’re stopping at Tropical Hideaway (Martin and Julie’s) and pay local prices, not tourist prices. Next to Jewels of the Sea on Front Street.


If Asher doesn’t have it, go next door to Darkie’s and still pay local prices. Darkie runs the store and you will often find Percy squeezing some limes or pouring fresh Coconut juice into someone’s bottle. Percy built a lot of the stone walls on our hill but is now retired and helps out at the store. Situated on Front Street opposite the taxi rank.

Bequia’s Rasta fruit and vegetable market

This is the largest fruit and vegetable market in town but prices can fluctuate somewhat depending on how good your negotiating skills are. It’s still fun to visit but be warned, buying something from one person will usually end up with someone else saying, you’ve bought from him so please buy something from me as well. You often leave with and spend a great deal more than you intended to, but it is a large market and they do have an excellent selection of fruit and vegetables.

Located after the petrol garage on the left.

Discover the undiscovered

There are numerous small vendors offering everything from fresh coconut water poured from a coconut right in front of you to freshly squeezed lime juice just perfect for adding to drinks and for cooking with. You can sometimes buy fresh fish and they will clean and fillet the fish for you. Several fruit and vegetable stalls appear each morning and they are always worth exploring for a local authentic shopping experience.

Tropical Hideaway licensed shop

Last but definitely not least, there is the Tropical Hideaway shop offering excellent value for money and being right on site it is extremely convenient. We stock everything from breakfast cereals to a carton of milk, from bottles of champagne to a very reasonably priced bottle of rum at $10 US. From a fillet of blue marlin or tuna to a USA prime rib eye or a local steak. You can enjoy locally brewed beers and soft drinks to premium hand made burgers and sausages. Everything from a chilled bottle of wine to a loaf of bread is available from our shop and our prices are based on local stores allowing you the convenience of a hotel with the prices of a local super- market. You can download our onsite shop, food and beverage book here.


Freezer department

Sausages, Burgers, Steaks, Ribs, Chicken

Tuna, Dorado, Swordfish, Blue Marlin


Soft drinks, Beers, Milk, Juices

Eggs, Tea, Coffee, Sauces, Cheese, Oil, Chips





Red wines

Red wines

Chilled white wines

Chilled white wines

Tropical Hideaway ‘Ready to Serve’ meals

Late 2016 sees the launch of our ‘Ready to serve Meal Range’ allowing you the convenience of enjoying a meal, pool side or in your room, with only the minimal amount of time and effort involved. Using only the very best of ingredients we now have several tasty meals which we have tweaked a little so they all have a colourful Caribbean twist. All are prepared and cooked by us, put into generously portioned serving dishes, vacuum packed for freshness and placed in our freezer ready to be en- joyed by our guests. Simply purchase from our shop, allow to thaw, and prepare some rice, salad or vegetables as suggested in our guide and you can enjoy these quality meals for a fraction of the price it would cost for an evening out. You can download the full pre-cooked meal selection here.


Cottage Pie hot from the oven

Chicken Curry

Our lovely Steak and Ale pie

Vacuum packed ready for the freezer

Thai Fish Curry and vegetables freshly frozen

Fish and Prawn pie ready to eat

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