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On Arrival

marti-julie-round‘Welcome to Bequia’ will be the first words you hear from Julie as she collects you from the small Bequia airport or the ferry terminal. These complimentary transfers to and from Tropical Hideaway are included for all 5 night and over stays booked through our website. If you are coming for less nights or have booked through an agent, we can still collect you but please let us know and there will be a small fee to pay for this service. Julie will show you any relevant places on your short journey to your new home and will chat to you about the latest island news, the ‘in’ places to visit and the best beaches around.

‘Welcome to Tropical Hideaway’ will be the first words you hear from me (Martin) and after a quick tour around the pool area, a ‘WOW look at that amazing view’ conversation and a welcome drink of our delicious home made Rum Punch, we’ll take you to your room and guide you through everything in detail, about your new home from home.

Food and beverage welcome packs

All guests arriving at Tropical Hideaway will find the following complimentary items in your room. Bottled water, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, salt and pepper. In addition to these items all bookings made through the Tropical Hideaway website will receive a complimentary welcome pack containing the following.

For 5 night stays.

2 Carib beers and 2 Hairoun beers, 4 assorted soft drinks, Vincentian bottled spring water, Island produced chips, semi skimmed milk, Twinings breakfast tea, Vincentian ground coffee, multigrain bread, olive oil, margarine, 4 fresh eggs, seasonal salad and fruit and the condiments listed above.

And for 7 night stays.

A bottle of Barefoot Bubbly, 2 Carib beers, 2 Hairoun beers, 6 assorted soft drinks, fresh coconut water, Vincentian bottled spring water, semi skimmed milk, Twinings breakfast tea, Vincentian ground coffee, multigrain bread, cheese, olive oil, margarine, 6 fresh eggs, English bacon, salad items, mangos, papaya’s, banana’s, limes and avocado when in season, island produced peanuts and chips, local hot pepper sauce, local green seasoning, tomato ketchup and the condiments listed above.

Many of our guests who stay at Tropical Hideaway have had long international flights and are tired when they arrive. We understand that you may not wish to go shopping on your first night and we supply the above complimentary welcome packs to enable you to relax, have some food and cold drinks and to have some breakfast in the morning. Additional items can be purchased from our licensed onsite shop.

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