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Day Trips to Nearby Islands

Exploring the Grenadine Islands should definitely be on your bucket list and if you are able to find the time we would thoroughly recommend it. There are several ways to travel, ranging from the legendary ’Friendship Rose’ to the very quick and inexpensive ’Fast Ferry’. You can also choose an exhilarating sailing yacht or a private charter, fast power boat. See our ‘Boat Charter’ tab.

Tobago Cays

Number 1 on everyone’s list. Five uninhabited Cays, crystal clear waters, abundant tropical fish, beautiful rays and 100’s of amazing green turtles, that you can snorkel with just a few feet away. In season the Friendship Rose does frequent day visits, but you can also choose a sailing yacht, a catamaran or a power boat.

Tips for the Cays. Choose a calm day. It’s no fun snorkelling in 2’ waves. If you’re an experienced snorkeler, ask the boat to drop you by the reef edge and you can drift snorkel back towards the boat. Pass stunning coral formations and amazing schools of tropical fish.


A great day out and being only a few hours away it’s an easy trip. Basil’s Bar is the usual place for a lunch time stop but you may be able to book lunch at the famous Cotton House or the Firefly. You can usually take a trip around the island and keep your camera ready to snap those multi million dollar villas belonging to the rich and famous. The beaches are stunning and it is definitely worth visiting a few. Occasionally the island is closed to visitors due to Royalty or someone very important being in residence.

Saltwhistle Bay with the Tobago Cays in the distance

Saltwhistle Bay is completely protected and is the perfect place to swim

Mayreau Island

Saltwhistle Bay is absolutely stunning and is a favourite of ours with possibly the nicest beach in the Caribbean. You can walk a few yards across the sand and explore the exposed windward side with views overlooking the Tobago Cays or swim and snorkel in the sheltered bay in the clearest of waters and the softest of sands.

If you go by speedboat you will have time to combine Tobago Cays and Mayreau. Suggestion: Visit Tobago Cays first and stop at Saltwhistle Bay on your way back. Walk to the top of the hill, visit the church with the amazing views and have lunch at Dennis’s Hideaway. Return to the beach, relax and swim before you leave. Alternatively you can have a barbecue lunch at Tobago Cays.

Colourful tea shirts and sarongs for sale on the beach

The road is steep but it is well worth visiting both sides of the island

The church at the top of the hill has the most amazing views of the islands

Everyone knows Dennis and it’s a great place to stop for lunch

Union Island

Union Island is a little further away but the fast ferry does stop here for over 3 hours giving you enough time to visit the island before you return home. The viewpoint from Fort Hill has incredible views overlooking the beautiful reefs, nearby islands and the small airport. There are numerous interesting shops to explore with plenty of colourful and friendly bars ready to take your order.

Happy Island, built from conch shells in the middle of the bay is well worth visiting and Janti is eager to tell you how he built his ‘resort’ from conch shells over several years.
Union Island is also known as a spectacular kite surfing venue and this sport is rapidly growing on the island.

Part of the view as seen from Fort Hill

Happy Island which is a very short dinghy ride away from the ferry dock

Jaden Sun Fast Ferry

A fast, efficient inter-island ferry service connecting Bequia with St Vincent, Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island. Explore Mayreau, and walk over the hill to Saltwhistle Bay, passing the church viewpoint. Swim in the crystal clear waters and stop for lunch on the way back. Alternatively you can go all the way to Union Island giving you over 3 hours before the ferry leaves again. Prices are 100ec to Mayreau or Union (one way). E.g. depart Bequia Friday at 10.30. Arrive Mayreau 11.45 or Union at 12.05. Depart union at 3.30pm or Mayreau at 3.45 pm. Arrive Bequia 5.05pm.

Tip: For an adventurous and great day out choose calm weather if you get seasick. Check the timetable at

Tel: 451 2192


Exploring St Vincent

If you’re reasonably fit and would like to explore a truly undiscovered island then a trip to the wild and rugged St Vincent is an adventure not to be missed. An inexpensive ($45 Ec return pp) one hour ferry trip, with several connections every day, makes St Vincent easily accessible. Trips range from full day ‘Volcano Hiking Tours’ to a relaxed day spent exploring the Botanical Gardens. There are trips to suit all fitness levels and interests and you can choose to organise everything yourselves or go through a tour company specializing in St Vincent tours. Try Bamboo adventures ( They offer excellent value for money tours or speak to Rodman (530 7171 or 492 3375) our Vincentian taxi / tour guide to organise something yourselves.

Hiking La Soufriere Volcano

For the adventurous at heart! Take a trip to the La Soufriere Volcano and be blown away by its awesomeness. A steady, 2 hour uphill climb to the crater’s edge passing through rainforest, montane thicket and cloud forest before arriving at the volcanic rock and ash-strewn rim of this awesome crater. You can even climb down into the crater, another exhilarating 2 hour walk.

Botanical Gardens

Created in 1765 and covering 20 acres, the gardens are the Caribbean’s oldest and are famous for ‘Captain Bligh’s Breadfruit tree’. The gardens celebrated their 250th anniversary in 2015.

Vermont Nature Trail

Starting in the Buccament Valley this beautiful 2 mile trail winds through 10,870 acres of forest reserve with a good chance of seeing the St Vincent Parrot. The trail is well maintained with signs.

Dark View Falls

Two spectacular waterfalls, one above the other and plunging into natural pools. There is a short hike to the falls through rainforest and across a bamboo or conventional bridge.

Montreal Gardens

Located in the mountains above the Mesopotamia Valley these beautiful gardens have an incredible array of exotic flowers, spices and plants interspersed with tropical palms, shrubs and trees. A must for any gardener.

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